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Blog: Finances At Your Fingertips

FINANCES AT YOUR FINGERTIPS April 28, 2015 I use my iPhone for everything: checking emails, scheduling brunch and sharing photos. We live in a digital world where our entire lives are at the touch of our fingertips. Our devices help us literally tap into our inner fashionistas (Stylebook), tourists (Yelp) and personal accountants (yes, think: … Continue reading

Blog: The Year in Review at CooperKatz

THE YEAR IN REVIEW AT COOPERKATZ December 16, 2014 Two thousand fourteen was such a good year Definitely one for the books We had success in our business and in growing the firm And, for CooperKatz, here’s how it looked: The firm turned eighteen, and we all shared reasons why work is so fun A … Continue reading

Blog: Talking Tips & Tricks

TALKING TIPS & TRICKS July 8, 2014 CooperKatz is an agency that fosters collaboration. As a generalist firm, it is important to share experiences from different backgrounds and provide individual perspectives to advance our company as a whole. You never know what might help another team member expand their skills. Recently, the junior staff members … Continue reading

Blog: Breaking Up with Social Media Disengagement

BREAKING UP WITH SOCIAL MEDIA DISENGAGEMENT July 2, 2014 Social media isn’t a one-size-fits-all marketing solution. Many companies believe that in order to participate online and be legitimized by the public, they need to have a presence on every social media channel available. While it is important to have an established social media presence, not … Continue reading

CK Insights: Workplace Wellness

CK INSIGHTS: WORKPLACE WELLNESS June 30, 2014 CK Insights is a series on our blog featuring CK team members’ perspectives on timely topics.  Today is the last day of National Employee Wellness Month. To conclude our month ofcelebrating CK’s commitment to fostering wellness throughout the company, we asked team members: What do you do to stay well … Continue reading

Blog: The Biggest Oscar Winner

THE BIGGEST OSCAR WINNER March 4, 2014 It’s no secret that Alfonso Cuarón and the technical team behind the movie ‘Gravity’ swept the 2014 Oscars, taking home a whopping seven gold statues. But, in the end, who was the biggest winner of the Oscars – Ellen DeGeneres, Twitter or the selfie? Ellen, a repeat host … Continue reading

When You Turn 26, You Must Get Health Insurance

WHEN YOU TURN 26, YOU MUST GET HEALTH INSURANCE January 19, 2014 By Lindsay Gellman Once she turned 26 years old, Rebecca Rubenstein, a freelance writer and editor in San Francisco, was too old to remain on her parents’ health-insurance plan. And since her freelance status makes her ineligible for coverage through her employers, she … Continue reading