Blog: The Year in Review at CooperKatz



December 16, 2014

Two thousand fourteen was such a good year
Definitely one for the books
We had success in our business and in growing the firm
And, for CooperKatz, here’s how it looked:

The firm turned eighteen, and we all shared
reasons why work is so fun
A few months later, Crain’s did the same
and ranked us at number thirty-one

The CK family grew a little bit bigger.
One engagement (Julia),
Two weddings (Matt and Dianne)
Plus, a new little sister (for Rebecca)

CK Wellness is important
And together we did great things
Like raising $4,100 for ABTA
And at work, walking and meditating

It was the year of the Super Cooper Cape
A SABRE and a Silver Anvil too
Our CEO Anne was quoted in three PR trades
And Gabriella ran 26.2

Added to this, some new clients to mention
Like Fiserv, Arctic Ease and Navigant
And don’t forget our work with MSK Cancer Center
Making our client roster excellent

Seven new colleagues joined our team
With creative, strategic ideas
Yes, 2014 was one for the books
Looking forward to what’s next in the new year!


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