CK Insights: Workplace Wellness



June 30, 2014

CK Insights is a series on our blog featuring CK team members’ perspectives on timely topics. 

Today is the last day of National Employee Wellness Month. To conclude our month ofcelebrating CK’s commitment to fostering wellness throughout the company, we asked team members: What do you do to stay well at work? Here’s what they said:

Marcus Hardy – Account Executive:

There are three core things I do on a near daily basis:

  1. Hydrate: I drink a ton of water throughout the day; dehydration is a huge detriment to effective work and interpersonal skills. And the hydration encourages my second point…
  2. Take a walk: whether it’s around the block, around the office or just up to the Thought Bubble and back, getting up is very important. Because sitting kills.
  3. Take a mid-day brain break: Mid-afternoon burn out is the worst. To combat it, I try to use a part of my lunch to call home and see how my family is doing, read a few chapters from a book, or find a quiet place to meditate and relax for up to 20 minutes. These non-work-focused recharges always make for better afternoons!

Anne Green – President & CEO:

Eating in a healthy and intentional way is a big part of my life.  I’m vegetarian, so that’s always a factor in planning for catered client meetings, business travel or dinners out. But even more critical is being smart about what I eat here at the office, day in and day out. When I hit the grocery store, it’s for both home and the office – so I’m thinking ahead about healthy meals and snacks to have on hand.  And I also try to avoid the many sweet temptations that constantly appear in our kitchen area!

Heather Caufield – Account Supervisor:

Two words: The Stick. Anyone who runs or has had to go to physical therapy should be familiar with this magical product that helps you roll out tight / sore muscles. I keep mine at home but luckily Maria Martinez, one of CK’s Managers of Client Services, keeps hers in the office. I make sure I use it at least a few times a day, which also gets me up and out of my seat more often!

Lesley Neadel – Manager, Client Services:

I try to stretch at my desk a couple of times throughout the day.  Nothing excessive, but I will do things like clasp my hands above my head and reach up and back, and roll my ankles and feet in circles.  These movements help my muscles and joints wake up after being in much of the same position all day and feel so good – especially now, since I’m six months pregnant!

Laura Vinci – Account Coordinator:

The way in which I stay well at work is using my lunchtime to stretch my legs outside – either by taking a quick walk around the block or hopping over to a 45-minute yoga class. CK is located in a great neighborhood with many retails shops nearby, so it’s easy for me to run errands, such as picking-up lunch or mailing a letter at the post office, during my lunch hour. I always come back to the office relaxed, re-energized and ready to face my busy afternoon schedule!


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