Press Release: Origin Food Group Launches Four New Flavors to Drinkable Yogurt Line-Up



STATESVILLE, N.C. (May 1, 2013) – Origin Food Group, the Statesville-based dairy company, released four new flavors to their 7 oz. yogurt on the go line, früsh®.

früsh, a drinkable yogurt on the go, now has eight flavors available in dairy cases in nearly 2,000 retail grocery stores. Four new flavors – black cherry plum, mandarin orange, piña colada and tropical pineapple – join the real fruit line-up of blueberry, peach, strawberry and strawberry banana. All früsh yogurts are made with fresh milk and real fruit, making it a great alternative for busy individuals who want to stay healthy while satisfying their hunger.

“We know there is real merit to this healthy product,” says Don Greenlee, General Manager, Origin Food Group. “früsh is a wholesome breakfast or snack – and we want to keep growing the product by adding a variety of new, delicious flavors for consumers.”

früsh is sold in the dairy case of retailers across the east coast from Vermont to Florida in eight retailers: BI-LO, Food City, Harris Teeter, Ingles, Lowes Foods, Price Chopper and Winn-Dixie, as well as in the armed forces commissaries along the East Coast. Origin Food Group is currently developing four additional flavors to hopefully add into distribution later this year.

früsh is a nutritious replacement to unhealthy snacking because it is 100% natural, gluten-free, contains probiotics that contribute to overall health, has more calcium than a glass of milk and is a tasty source of protein. Altogether, these ingredients make früsh a convenient and better-for-you choice.

“We’re a spoonless yogurt that consumers say tastes more delicious than others they’ve tried,” said Alex Medlin, Brand Manager. “In 2012, we gave away almost 6 million samples at events and store tours. We’re spreading the word to ‘Go Spoonless’ – in the car on the way to work, in a business meeting – everywhere a traditional cup and spoon cannot go.”

Origin Food Group produces the yogurt at a $7-million facility, which is the largest and first value-added dairy plant to produce yogurt in the state of North Carolina.


About Origin Food Group, LLC

Origin Food Group prides itself on promoting healthy lifestyles by creating wholesome alternatives for today’s consumers while investing in the Statesville region where the company is headquartered.  It is a partnership between the Alarcón family of Ecuador, with 34 years of experience in yogurt and beverages, and the Stameys of Iredell County, with more than 60 years working in dairy farming and the cattle business. The $7-million facility is the largest and first value-added dairy plant to produce yogurt in North Carolina. For additional information, visit, or


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