Blog: The Reality of Social Media



July 23, 2012

Social media has been revolutionary in creating radical communications channels that bring a regular person (you) to the forefront of virtually anyone, anywhere. Companies have been forced to amend less than favorable business practices because consumers were given the power to voice their concerns, and others were listening. Most of the technology is free and we’ve grown up typing it; but, truly, social media has an impact on our everyday lives and immensely impacts the everyday life of all major companies we know to be successful. And it all started with a few innovators who felt the need to innovate.

The reason social media has such a tight grip on organizations, from a professional standpoint, is that in order to market your brand/company/service in a positive light, your company has to resonate with consumers positively. I’m learning that every day at my internship.

By definition, my position as an account intern is to manage the satisfaction of our accounts. I am to be a liaison between the client and the firm to ensure we are delivering the marketing practices and methods promised. That being said, my main daily duty is to check Facebook and keep the client’s page interesting, engaging, updated and personable. I am required to come up with company-toned posts and status updates. It’s part of my job to address all user comments with suggestions or a thank you. Facebook isn’t just for stalking anymore.

So you’re reading this and wondering, how can I use this to my advantage? These couple hundred words would be a waste if you didn’t at least browse the social media pages of those companies you aspire to work for in the future. While you’re out surfing, make sure to stop by the Virginia Tech MBA’s social media pages. Like us. Follow us. It’s an important objective of the Virginia Tech MBA staff to know you and engage with past/present/future students. Share your stories with us, either on our Facebook wall or @VirginiaTechMBA us on Twitter (#VTMBA).


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