Blog: Using Social Media to Land an Internship



May 21, 2012

The summer internship once was a golden opportunity for the lucky few; however, over time, it has become a requirement to strengthen college students’ resumes. With that said, attaining an internship has become increasingly difficult as the candidate pool continues to grow, forcing students to get creative to stand out as a candidate. For my internship, I did just that by using social media.

I knew that I wanted to test-run a summer in Charlotte, N.C. I had visited the southern metropolitan area a few times and heard countless praises of the city and surrounding areas. So I said, “Why not?” Coming from the Midwest to the South, I wasn’t familiar with many of the businesses in Charlotte and had no connections, so I started to dig. I became a world-class internet stalker as I googled just about every catch phrase that would return marketing/advertising/PR firms in the Charlotte metro area. I studied each company’s website to soak in the company culture and business practices. Noting my favorite companies, I switched over to LinkedIn.

I hope that you are familiar with LinkedIn – it’s the Facebook of professionals. I just love LinkedIn. It’s everything that I don’t put on my Facebook page. It’s the place to boast about every extracurricular in college and to brag about your past experiences. Most of all, it’s the place to link in with your dream company – and that’s exactly what I did.

Concentric Marketing is a small firm just off of South Boulevard in Charlotte. It is known for its work on feline pine and Front Porch, a Carolina ice cream. The company is exactly what I was looking for… except that it didn’t offer a summer internship.

But did that stop me? (Obviously not, I still have a couple paragraphs in this blog!)

I made a bold move to link in with the Concentric Marketing Founder and President, Bob Shaw, and simply asked for an internship. Crazy, huh? Mr. Shaw appreciated my persistence in finding summer employment and I had a phone interview within a week. A short time after the interview, I was offered a summer internship – an internship that they created for me. Already I am so excited to work with a great group of innovative and flexible co-workers. It’s going to be a great summer!

With social media, you get noticed for putting yourself out there. You need to be the candidate that stands out and creates his or her own path to success. I might have been internship-less this summer without conducting my search via online tactics. I am so thankful for getting noticed for my LinkedIn profile – and I’m excited to be able to share my story with you via this (social media) blog!


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