Blog: Establishing Trivia Traditions with Classmates



February 8, 2012

Thursday nights used to be my favorite night of the week: one low-stress day until the weekend. Well, life in the MBA program translates into Friday classes off, so Wednesday is the new Thursday…and my first year MBA class knows exactly how to celebrate – our traditional Trivia Night at Hokie House. The brainiacs I call classmates meet every week at the Hokie House to push our limits and answer the random, puzzling questions that flash before us at the local restaurant.

Last Wednesday was no exception. Our MBA students assembled at the crowded bar and grill to stake out a table and trivia answer sheet. Team “Vee Tee” is comprised of first year students. The group of us can laugh off the week and share weekend plans (in between trivia questions, of course). It’s a nice break from taking notes and reading chapters. That’s the best part to me about the MBA program – my classmates. The Virginia Tech program is a smaller one, and coming from a class of 1,000+, that’s exactly what I needed. I wanted to know everyone’s name. I wanted to be able to go out with members from my class. I’m excited to share these two years of my life with this group of people.

The three trivia categories were “Well-known Sibling Pairs,” “Famous Nicknames,” and “Hit Songs of the Decade,” so the fact that we actually won third place was a shock! It’s a given that the locals win every week. Our weekly tradition isn’t about winning the five dollar gift certificate. It’s about food specials and the chance to bring out our nerdy sides. If the categories were “Investment Banking,” “Global Marketing,” and “Organizational Management” – well, then the locals wouldn’t have a chance!


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