Blog: Life as a Salmon Cove Intern


 April 13, 2011

I have always been one who needs to be busy. I make it a point to be involved in numerous activities on campus. I usually have at least one part-time job while actually attending a class here and there. The youngest in the family—and the only girl—means I’m independent and resourceful.  And I swim against the current: I’m a social media intern for Salmon Cove.

Being an intern for a clothing company is unlike any other job I’ve had before. I’ve worked in a retail store in the past as a sales associate, but that company didn’t have the drive that Salmon Cove does. That store focused on profits and sales. Salmon Cove focuses on making people more fashionable and promoting the brand: less on competition, and more about having customers who simply enjoy wearing the clothes.

Owen and Charlie, Salmon Cove’s partners, are always willing to help me in both my professional and personal life. They challenge me with thinking as a consumer to better the company. They enable me to make the most out of my internship by letting me actually do real work for the brand. They grieved with me when KU lost in the NCAA Tournament last month. It was a tough loss. I was able to bury myself in work … Thanks, guys  These men have a passion for Salmon Cove and thrive on its success. They swim against the current.

I’m excited about the new opportunities that I’ll have working with the Salmon Cove team. I’m excited to learn even more about the brand and to help out Salmon Cove’s customers is any way I can. I’m excited to keep swimming against the current.


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