Article: A Summer to Remember


Fraternity Headquarters Intern Shares Her Experience

 Winter 2009

After my sophomore year of high school is when summer lost its glimmering appeal—it became less about daytrips with the family and more about hourly wages and résumé-boosters. This past year, like many collegians, I turned to the dreaded summer internship to jazz up the parchment paper that reflects my qualifications and experience. But my summer was anything but dreadful! Working as the Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity Headquarters intern was probably the best job I have had so far. The work was interesting, the staff is outgoing, and Columbus, Ohio, is an artsy city with much to see and do.

While the Heritage Museum of Kappa Kappa Gamma has had an internship program for more than 20 years, the Headquarters internship is fairly new. The Museum internship is a highly-structured conservation of Kappa’s history and historical artifacts. April Baum, Hillsdale, my roommate during our internship summer and now good friend, was the fortunate Kappa selected as the 2009 Heritage Museum intern.

The Headquarters internship was established more than three years ago by Lauren Sullivan Paitson, Penn State, former Kappa Kappa Gamma Executive Director, who was also my dedicated and enthusiastic boss. This summer internship lasts between eight and 12 weeks. Both interns work and live at Fraternity Headquarters. The Fraternity provides a furnished two-bedroom apartment (rent free) right on the Headquarters property.

I enjoyed working in various capacities in all of the departments, which allowed me to see a little bit of everything. My work included preparation for Leadership Academy and Associate Council Seminar, as well as assisting with various publications and general office duties.

During my time at Headquarters, I really got to know the amazing women (and men!) who work so hard to keep Kappa running. Kristin Johnson Styers, Georgia Southern, Editor of The Key, was so willing to teach me about journalism and magazine layout. (I’m a journalism major after all!) I learned so much about the “real world” without having to live in it just yet.

It’s almost surreal for me because some of the very names that appear in this magazine and in Kappa history have become some of my favorite people. This internship has made me realize the potential that Kappa has for me and my future. I can now fully appreciate my membership in this organization because it is an organization truly devoted to leadership, scholarship and friendship for all of its members.{“issue_id”:30302,”page”:6}


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